Software Comparison in 5 Easy Steps

The latest addition to Web-based software evaluation system, TEC Advisor, is the new Express Software Comparison Report. This report allows you to compare the strengths and weaknesses of enterprise software solutions on a functional module-by-module basis. If you’re an organization in the early stages of your software evaluation process, the “express” report is a good starting point. You’ll get the online report comparing your selected solutions free of charge in just a few minutes.Here’s how to generate your custom software comparison report in 5 easy steps:1. Start TEC Advisor.
2. Choose a software type from the drop-down menu (e.g., Discrete Manufacturing [ERP])
3. Select the software products you would like to evaluate (in the free trial, you can select up to 3 solutions).
4. Answer a few questions about your business requirements.
5. Click on “Download Report” to access your online report.The Express Software Comparison Report features a series of graphs comparing the overall performance of each functional module of the solutions you have selected. For example, if you’re evaluating solutions in TEC’s customer relationship management (CRM) model (comprising 1,187 criteria that reflect real-world usage), the resulting report provides a side-by-side product comparison for each of the CRM model’s five modules (Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, Customer Service and Support, Analytics and Reporting, and Product Technology).If you’re interested in reviewing the comparison results at a later date or presenting the data to your colleagues, you can print the report or use the “Select a format” drop-down menu at the top of the page to export the data to XML, CSV, PDF, MHTML, TIFF, XLS, and DOC formats.I invite you to try TEC Advisor tool now and generate an Express Software Comparison Report for your software solutions of interest free of charge.What Next?The express report is intended to give you a high-level overview of broad feature areas of software solutions you may be interested in evaluating further. At any time, you can select the “Start Your Analysis” path for a more in-depth software comparison via TEC Advisor’s analysis engine. There, you can assign your business priorities to the criteria comprising the model (on a scale ranging from “Not Important” to “Critical”), compare results based on your established priorities, conduct “what-if” analyses, and generate various detailed software comparison reports-complete with supporting graphs and charts-that you can use to justify your software purchase decision.

The Advantages of Digital Publishing

Digital publishing or electronic publishing has gained popularity in the scientific journal community, as well as, other literary genres. In traditional publishing, when an article is submitted for publication it may take months or even years for the article to be accepted into a journal. Since the traditional publication cycle is longer than digital publishing, journalists have sought alternative means to bring their publications to the public faster. Self publishing companies allow the journalists to have complete control over their literary works, as well as, editorial control and other production decisions.The financial responsibility lies solely on the author, if the author self publishes. However, if the author uses digital publishing or publishes an eBook, the author saves on print and binding costs of traditional publishing. The author can produce books and journals more frequently, because the author does not have to budget for print and binding costs.Self publishing sites are especially important to authors because they will allow authors to publish for free. The company will handle royalties and sales, leaving the author free to write and produce. This is service is helpful to authors because authors no longer have to provide a significant investment to publish their works. If the author is particularly good at marketing and sales, they can drive enough traffic to the hosted content to earn a significant income. Therefore, the author no longer has to send works to publishers and wait months and even years to be published or earn money from a publication.Fiction authors also enjoy digital publishing. In some instances, some fiction authors may not have a niche that a traditional publisher can market. However, if the author has an audience that the traditional publisher does not cater to, the author can use this to his or her advantage and capitalize on that particular niche through their online network.Another important feature of digital publishing is that publications can reach a wider audience. This is possible because millions of individuals can gain access to the World Wide Web. Marketing through social networking venues can reach an audience that the reader would not in a traditional bookstore.Digital publishing is also eco-friendly and new technology, such as the Kindle and other eBook readers are enabling individuals to download print faster than ever before. The prices of eBooks are generally less than print books, so the avid reader on a budget can purchase more eBooks than traditional print. Additionally, it’s convenient. Downloading an eBook is instant; whereas, purchasing a printed publication requires either a visit to a bookstore or waiting for an online purchase to arrive in the mail.Additionally, the reader can transport hundreds to thousands of publications on trips when he or she purchases eBooks; whereas, the traditional printed publication weighs more and has significantly more space requirements.

Online Affiliate Program

Online Affiliate Programs are a great way to make revenues. The best part is that you don’t have to create your own product. You just have to recommend products that are already available by registering as an affiliate with the concerned merchant. But you need to have the basic platform to sell these affiliate products.The first basic is that you will need a website that will display the advertisements of the affiliate product you will promote alongside the contents or information available on the website. So the very first step towards this is to choose the theme of your website, i.e, what will your website be about. Then you have register a domain name for your website as well as select the hosting solutions provider to host your website. Hosting is a vital part of your website so be wise in choosing a provider.Once you have the basic platform ready, in the form of a website, the next step is to choose the affiliate products from the thousands available in the market. While choosing the product you want to market, you should ensure that the product is related to the content of your website. If for example your website is about flowers, you cannot market clothes or shoes. So your product offerings should be relevant. Also make sure that you do not clutter your website with loads of ads. Rather, make it informative and resourceful to attract more visitors. The higher the visitors, the higher the chances of you making money.If all this information boggles you, don’t fret. It’s fairly easy to set up a website. There are a lot of web services that help you in creating your website in minutes, without you having to put any codes. So, even if you don’t have much technical knowledge you can create your own platform for affiliate revenues.So follow these guidelines and you are sure to succeed in making your online affiliate programs make money for you!

Benefits of Google Apps to Retailers

There seems to be an emerging trend over the past few months of retailers realising the benefits involved with deploying Google Apps for business. The web-based collaboration and communication suite was developed by Google, I believe the world’s most innovative company, so it’s little wonder it’s catching on. But what are the benefits to retailers?One of the core strengths of Google Apps are the web-based messaging and collaboration apps which require no hardware of software and need very minimal administration. They will reduce your IT costs, and this seems to be what companies are catching on to.One company that has seen the light as it were is online food retailer Ocado. They decided to that Google Apps for Business was the perfect solution for their business. They wanted to improve productivity, facilitate remote working and boost internal communication.Tools such as Google Talk, Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs allow staff to log in from any secure internet connection to talk instantly with each other, access emails, documents, calendar and other internal information. This collaborative approach makes the day-to-day running of businesses far more effective and also enables staff to communicate and share ideas more easily.Modern business like Ocado are being smart by keeping an eye on the latest cutting-edge technology as this will ensure its customers will be provided with the best possible service. Businesses in every sector can reap the same benefits when making the switching to this web-based collaboration and communication suite.With Google Docs you can share files which mean there is no need to send documents back and forth comparing and consolidating individual files. Everyone that needs access to certain files can see any new updates and respond immediately. This is perfect for teams that work on the same spreadsheet or drawing. Specsavers is another company that utilizes this technology, they have also found out that the speed at which Google Apps can be deployed means they can expand into new markets outside of the UK very quickly and easily.Further cost savings for retailers are the Postini Message Security feature which is also included in Google Apps. This keeps networks safe and stops spam, viruses and phishing. With Gmail you get 50 times more email storage compared to the industry standard. Also Gmail it is designed so that employee spend less time in their inboxes and more time being proactive.When a business switches to Google Apps they can be safe in the knowledge that the world’s most innovative company will continue to innovate and develop new features.