The Advantages of Digital Publishing

Digital publishing or electronic publishing has gained popularity in the scientific journal community, as well as, other literary genres. In traditional publishing, when an article is submitted for publication it may take months or even years for the article to be accepted into a journal. Since the traditional publication cycle is longer than digital publishing, journalists have sought alternative means to bring their publications to the public faster. Self publishing companies allow the journalists to have complete control over their literary works, as well as, editorial control and other production decisions.The financial responsibility lies solely on the author, if the author self publishes. However, if the author uses digital publishing or publishes an eBook, the author saves on print and binding costs of traditional publishing. The author can produce books and journals more frequently, because the author does not have to budget for print and binding costs.Self publishing sites are especially important to authors because they will allow authors to publish for free. The company will handle royalties and sales, leaving the author free to write and produce. This is service is helpful to authors because authors no longer have to provide a significant investment to publish their works. If the author is particularly good at marketing and sales, they can drive enough traffic to the hosted content to earn a significant income. Therefore, the author no longer has to send works to publishers and wait months and even years to be published or earn money from a publication.Fiction authors also enjoy digital publishing. In some instances, some fiction authors may not have a niche that a traditional publisher can market. However, if the author has an audience that the traditional publisher does not cater to, the author can use this to his or her advantage and capitalize on that particular niche through their online network.Another important feature of digital publishing is that publications can reach a wider audience. This is possible because millions of individuals can gain access to the World Wide Web. Marketing through social networking venues can reach an audience that the reader would not in a traditional bookstore.Digital publishing is also eco-friendly and new technology, such as the Kindle and other eBook readers are enabling individuals to download print faster than ever before. The prices of eBooks are generally less than print books, so the avid reader on a budget can purchase more eBooks than traditional print. Additionally, it’s convenient. Downloading an eBook is instant; whereas, purchasing a printed publication requires either a visit to a bookstore or waiting for an online purchase to arrive in the mail.Additionally, the reader can transport hundreds to thousands of publications on trips when he or she purchases eBooks; whereas, the traditional printed publication weighs more and has significantly more space requirements.

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